• Googlibox is a sigh of relief for people who want to avoid hustle and hassle of life. They were quick in reverting back about the time of services. The requirement was dealt with, with alacrity. Try the highly professional and efficient service once, and you’ll be using it frequently, for sure! The great initiative, and extremely useful. I was happy with the courteous staff, highly recommended… Kudos

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    • Archana Kakkar
    • Director HR SALVE Pharmaceutical
  • While on one hand one is required to spend long hours in offices as well as travel long distances unheard of even 20 years earlier, the increased affluence and this decrease in available time has created a need for readymade services. At the same time with increase in number of gadgets at home, the demand for their maintenance is also increasing. As a result it has been seen that repair work at home suffers as people do not have to get it fixed and when people have time, it is very difficult to find the persons with the right skills and experience to do. Many people I know have ended up spending the entire weekend in small repair works and then feeling bitter about it the following week. There is a need for ready availability for the people with right skills at the time of your convenience. Also, it is also necessary that there is some background checks in such cases and in most of the cases, we see fresh faces and we ourselves are not equipped to judge the level of their skills and in such cases we need rely on the word of mouth. Personally, I have had some painting work getting postponed by 1-2 years at my home. When I saw the site Googlibox.com and later on when I downloaded the application, I realised that this is the need of the hour. On-going through the range of services 3-4 services like Painter, Music teacher (for my daughter), Pest Control , Electrician etc were the ones I am immediately interested. I found the user-interface of the App simple to use and I am satisfied with the level of skills of the people, I received service from. I would definitely recommend that people who are in my situation, should try out this App which can be easily downloaded from the Google PlayStore.

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    • Jitendra Jain
    • Designation: Software Head,
      Socomec India Private Limited
  • Time is limited for everyone in this world. The effective use of our time makes a difference and defines our life. I really appreciate the effort of Malini and Ajay for developing such an application which serves two purposes. It not only provides best possible services with such an ease but at the same time it helps in saving time for us. We can use that time for ourselves and be happier. We can give that time to our relations and make life better. Thinking of the extra time one can get by utilizing these services and possibilities of the utilization of that time, makes it an application for social cause apart from business. Great work, easy to use and professional services will take it to new heights. All my wishes!!

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    • Puneet Dahiya
    • CEO
      Tumlare Software Services Pvt. Ltd.