About Us

GoogliBox is an integrated platform which provides services covering all your needs in your day-to-day life. Whether it is your home, health, beauty, education, your transport or your shopping needs, you wish for it, and GoogliBox will get it for you. We have always believed in making the world a convenient place. And that’s why we have a number of services to be provided at your home, in your locality, at your convenient time and that too through reliable service providers. We do the cumbersome job of screening, filtering and assembling a great panel of service providers, who will get your work done. Our amazing matching algorithms make sure that you get connected to the right service provider in seconds.

Since the world is going online and most of it is already there, we have created this app which will also provide our users with free exclusive discount coupons on all categories and services which could be redeemed by using our app. Be it food, apparel, movies, travel, healthcare, you’ll find discount coupons at a single place, just by looking inside GoogliBox. Apart from providing the advanced search, GoogliBox is location sensitive as well. You can look for coupons at places around you based on your location.

So just let us take care of your needs while you sit and order on your mobile phone. The box loves its customers and makes everything easier for them!