Tips To Ease Diwali House Cleaning

Posted on : 14-10-2015

Diwali is around the corner. The festival of lights brings in joy and lots of colours in our lives. This Hindu festival is grand and the preparations start weeks before. Diwali is the festival of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha. People decorate their house with lights and decor items to welcome the Gods. But, according to Hindu mythology, Goddess Lakshmi enters only a clean and tidy house. So, before Diwali, people start cleaning their house. They clean everything. Many people even paint walls and polish furniture before Diwali.

Cleaning the whole house means a lot of work. It requires lot of energy and active minds. We wonder where to start our cleaning from and how to end this as soon as possible without straining our health. To ease Diwali house cleaning, here are few tips for you. These cleaning tips and proper planning can make the Diwali task easier.

Tips to ease Diwali cleaning:

Start with wardrobe: It is very easy to clean small furniture and things. You will hardly take 2 hours to clean your wardrobe. Throw the clothes that are torn and old. Do not get attached to your clothes and store them as a memory if you do not wear them. Arrange small clothes like undergarments, handkerchief and socks in the side. You can also keep them in a drawer. Arrange your daily wear together etc.

Clean the bed boxes: We do not look at the stuffed bed boxes until the Diwali cleaning comes. All the blankets, covers, boxes and unused clothes are stored in the bed boxes. The wooden boxes need cleaning. Clean with a dry piece of cloth. Use torch light to see the corners of the box clearly. If you cannot enter or reach the boxes, use a dry moping rod.

Reach the fans and lights: Clean the fans every 2-3 months so that the speed of the fan doesn't reduce and the brightness of the lights do not go down. However, before Lakshmi Puja, you have to clean the windows and doors of the house. Diwali decoration also includes these fans and lights. Clean the lights and fans with a dry piece of cloth to prevent getting an electric shock.

Kitchen: This is the worst place to clean in the house. There are so many cabinets, small boxes, gas stove, slabs, exhaust fan and utensils. Clean everything slowly., if you can't do in one day, divide the task into two or more days.

Windows and grills: We should never clean the windows and fans first. The dirt and dust deposit on the windows and grills very easily. So once you are done, clean grills with soapy solution and wipe with a dry cloth piece to finish the Diwali cleaning task

Curtains and sofa covers: Last but not the least, clean the curtains and sofa covers. They should always be cleaned at the last. It eases Diwali cleaning. These are few tips to ease Diwali cleaning.

Tips for Cleaning Home in Diwali

Diwali- the festival of lights and celebration is the very widely celebrated festival in India. People belonging to different states and castes celebrate this festival with equal amount of amusement and delight. During the month of October, the excitement for the arrival of Diwali begins. There are loads of things listed in the check list- shopping new clothes and ornaments, decoration, lightening up the house, making rangoli, and to top the list, cleaning the home.

It is believed that Goddess Lakshmi is attracted to bestow her blessings upon the families that have decorated their homes the best within the resources they could afford and what was available to them. So it is essential to keep the home neat and clean, and through this, homes are somewhat renewed once in a year.

Here are certain tips to clean home in Diwali:

  • First of all, throw away all the useless materials at home. They only occupy space and make an otherwise cleaner area look messy.
  • Lend the old clothes that you donít wear to the poor so that there is room for new clothes you would buy.
  • Tidy up your wardrobes and shelves.
  • Unnoticed corners are usually dusty. Do not miss them out. Wipe them clean.
  • People tend to paint their homes in Diwali. If thatís your plan too, cover your furniture and usable properly so they do not get stained with paint. Unwrap the furniture once youíre done painting.
  • Then the normal cleaning is required. Like dusting, sweeping the floor, giving the old dusty show-pieces their luster back, replacing the old bed-sheets with the new ones, etc.

Once all this is done, you can decorate your home with lights and diyas. This brightness makes Diwali such an auspicious occasion. On a funny note, mother gets an excuse to make her husband and children join hands with her in working and cleaning the home. Unity amongst the family members makes the task easier.

Important is to de-clutter your home. giving away the unwanted things to needy people is best in two ways: one it helps in cleaning and other you are being helpful.

Important is to de-clutter your home. giving away the unwanted things to needy people is best in two ways: one it helps in cleaning and other you are being helpful.

Place the beautiful sofa covers, new pillow covers, new linens, curtains and drapes in your home. In case you donít buy new wash the old ones and then use it.

Place potpourri and aroma creating essential oils in room.

Keep in corners insect repellents etc. so that your room remains clean.