Music Teacher Dhruv Bedi (Sitar)

Posted on : 4-12-2015

Dhruv was born in a family of musicians. His grooming in sitar began at the tender age of four years. Born on September 16, 1990 Dhruv started playing and learning from his father Sh. Jagdeep Singh Bedi, internationally renowned Sitar and Surbahar Artist. Nowadays his skills are also being polished by great sitar Maestro Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee. Dhruv is taking training under Pt. Budhaditya Mukherjee in the traditional form of “Guru Shishya Parampra”

Blessed with musical background it was easy for Dhruv to learn and communicate with music. Being the part of ‘Imdadkhani Gharana’. Dhruv has an exceptional and natural ability to play the ‘Gayaki Ang’ (vocal style) on sitar. He has collaborated with different genres of music and performed with Carnatic Classical musicians, Jazz musicians, Korean musicians, Scottish , russian musicians and other western genres of music in India and abroad. His approach to ‘rhythm’ and ‘sur’ is largely intuitive, fresh and spontaneous, always astonishing his audiences. He has been performing and spreading the beauty of Indian classical music from a very tender age of 6 years and have got enormous support and appreciation from his listeners from all over the globe.

Achievements in Music

In 2004 at the age of 14 years Dhruv has performed extensively at Mauritius for an 11 days long cultural exchange program. He represented India as a young artist and gave many solo concerts and surprised a large audience of 1500 people and Mauritian President and Prime Minister by his anonymous performance. He also toured Rodrex the neighbouring Island State and thrilled every one with his performance.

Same year Dhruv’s talent was identified and was awarded by prestigious National Scholarship under Cultural Talent Search Scholarship Scheme by C.C.R.T in field of Hindustani Music (instrumental) Sitar.

2005 Dhruv Performed in Asian music conference in South Korea (Seoul), where Dhruv was the youngest artist representing India amongst the other 14 Asian countries. Dhruv perform three individual solo concerts and two concerts in collaboration with established Korean artist which was telecasted LIVE on various T.V channels.

On 21st May 2007 Dhruv gave a solo performance at Rajiv Samarak in front of Honorable President Smt. Pratibha Devi Singh Patil , Honorable Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh , Honorable Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dixit and Smt. Sonia Gandhi on the occasion of Death anniversary of Late Prime Minister Sh. Rajiv Gandhi. The programe was organized by Sangeet Natak Academy and was Live telecasted on T.V In 2014 Dhruv gets recognised as "A" grade Artist from All India Radio.

In November 2010 Dhruv has been selected for the award of Senior Scholarship in the field of Hindustani Music (instrumental) Sitar by Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

In October 2009 Dhruv stood 1st in Indian Classical instrumental solo, of National level held at I.I.T, Kanpur and also stood 1st in I.I.T. Delhi.

In March 2010 Dhruv gave a solo concert on the occasion of the opening of the new T.V. channel "Young India"On September 2010 Dhruv scored 1st position in All India Classical Music Competition held by ‘Delhi Sangeet Sankalp’

In January 2011 Dhruv was awarded with Prestigious Shri Ravi Koppikar Memorial Award Instituted by the International Foundation for the Fine Arts and I.T.C - Sangeet research Academy.

In January 2011 Dhruv Performed in N.C.P.A. (National Center For Performing Arts) Mumbai in the seminar ‘Approaches to Melody, Rhythm and language’ organized by I.T.C - Sangeet Research Academy, where he surprised strong knowledgeable audience and was profusely appreciated by one and all.

In January 2011 Dhruv performed exclusively in World’s Economic Forum held in Davos, Switzerland.

In February 2011 Dhruv stood at 1st position in the senior category in ‘Akhil Bhartiya Classical Music competition’ held at national level.

April 2011 Dhruv played exclusively at the Delhi Jazz Festival at Nehru Park in celebration with the Scottish Jazz group.

Dhruv performed also as the youngest artist till date, at the 34th Chandigarh Music Festival in November 2011 surprised the strong knowledgeable audience and was profusely appreciated by one and all, as well as the press.

In July 2013 Dhruv has performed in prestigous Ethano Music Festival in Sweden. Here 106 musicians participated from 17 different countries. He has represented India.

In July 2014 Dhruv performed at the prestegious - SILK ROUTE FESTIVAL in AZARBAIJAAN representing the Nation in front of their President , Prime Minister and other guests. .

In August 2014 Dhruv had a Russia tour for oncerts and workshops. Dhruv gave concerts in all major cities including - moscow , St. Petersburgh , and Kazan and more. He also performed at the famous Krutushka Music Festival where artists from all over the world performed. Dhruv also colaberated with many Russian artists and and gave many concerts together which was highly appriciated by all.