Posted on : 19-2-2016

I stepped into an entirely new life as Mrs. Saumya Deepak, a playful girl from Alappuzha, Kerala who recently got married to a entrepreneur who works in Delhi. 23 years of comfortable life in South India and a sudden move into the busy, Capital city of India did give me goose bumps. I wondered if I can make a living with my husband in a completely new place with a completely new life. If we had stayed in Kerala, I would have had amma to help me out with the initial learning process of cooking and other household chores.

The brand new Delhi life and the thought of taking care of a family all by myself, did daunt me but not for long. In just a week after getting into our new apartment in Delhi, I got to know about GoogliBox - an easily accessible service provider who bestow their customers with the Best quality and reliable services within a short duration. I cannot believe that its already 5 months since I've moved into Delhi and I am already feeling like home as I get all that I need at my doorstep.

How did GoogliBox help me out?

1. Cooking : As a beginner, I really wanted someone to help me out with the cooking and GoogliBox helped me find the perfect cook at the best rate and as per my requirements. Now with her help, I have learnt to cook quite a lot of it Kerala style or Delhi style.

2. Household chores: With the laundry and hose keeping people arriving at the right time regularly made my job even more easier.

3. Drivers : When my husband is not at home and when I need to go out somewhere in this new city which I have got familiarised to a certain extent now, reliable and experienced drivers come to help you with your travel.

4. Beauty Salon : Every girl's dream of looking beautiful and presentable is much more easier with GoogliBox's Home Beauty Salon, who send expert stylists to your home. Amazing services done at a the best prices.

5. Yoga classes : An ardent Yoga lover, I always thought if I'd be able to continue the same after coming here to Delhi. But to my surprise, I learnt a lot more from my home yoga teacher who also gave me a lot of explanations and reasons to perform each and every asana.

With not only these, GoogliBox has helped several families like ours in making our lives easier amidst our busy schedule. I hope it will be of use to you too..! Step into the easy and comfortable way of living with GoogliBox helping you in providing you the best!